More than Neighbours!

  • Fecha Inicio: 01/08/2012
  • Fecha Fin: 31/07/2013
  • Convocatoria: Lifelong Learning - Grundtvig - Asociaciones de Aprendizaje

Organización Responsable

Universidad A Coruña

Nombre del Proyecto

Grundtvig Learning Partnership «More than Neighbours!»


Del 2012-08-01 al 2013-07-31

Organización Coordinadora (Institución, País)

  • Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany

Organizaciones Participantes (Institución, País)

  • Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic
  • Senior University – University of A Coruña, Spain
  • Lubelski University, Poland
  • Het Perspectief, Belgium
  • Comune di Scandiano – AICCRE Emilia Romagna, Italy

Nombre de la Convocatoria

  • Grundtvig – Lifelong Learning Programme


Exchanging information and promoting the interaction between the European senior citizen as well as promoting the language learning (English) and IT skills  Analyzing the European and national  identity in view of the social, political and cultural roots in their homeland  Exchanging information and experiences about the change in the political and economic system mostly in the 1980s, especially in the field of demography  Development of the intergenerational relations with students  Exchanging information about the development of the industrial culture


Seniors (over 50) from Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain should be in future more than neighbours in Europe. The seniors will study and describe: – the progressing of the neighbourhood relation under the influence of the EU development and the changes (political, social, economical; deindustrialization, ageing population) in the countries concerned. – the forming up of a European identity. The seniors will analyse the roots of their own identity, of common ground and differences in the partner countries and the role of different migrant groups. The findings will be exchanged and compared with their partners in an open-minded way leading to an advanced European identity. – the inter-general relation under the influence of the demographic development having brought up an ageing population. The seniors want to pass on their experience of life and to understand the growing up of the young persons. – the development of the industrial culture taking into consideration both the industrial heritage as the source of the European prosperity and the ongoing deindustrialization in these days. The preservation of historic industrial achievements as monuments should be a must in order to have an opportunity of demonstrating the inventive genius of our forebears. The organisations active in different fields of adult education will guide the shared dialogue between the seniors of different countries and between elderly and young persons; they will help to improve intercultural communication skills. The seniors will communicate via Internet, by correspondence and by discussion in the project seminars. The whole project will be a learning process for better understanding of Europeans considering particularly the challenges of an ageing population.

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