Knowledge is power, age ain´t matter (KIPAM)

  • Fecha Inicio: 28/09/2015
  • Fecha Fin: 31/05/2018
  • Convocatoria: Erasmus+

Organización Responsable

Universidad de Vigo

Start date


End date


Coordinating Organization (Institution, Country)

  • WSB of Poznan, Poland

Participating Organizations (Institution, Country)

  • U. of Salerno, Italy
  • U. of Dulumpinar, Turkey
  • U. of Northampton, United Kingdom
  • U. of Vigo, Spain

Name of the Call

KA2 Erasmus+: Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices in the field of adult education


Try to make people over 50 more active by making use of the potential of higher education institutions (universities)


The main project’s idea is to take advantage of the potential of universities as higher education institutions that generate knowledge, with PDI, with PAS, with a functional organization, with infrastructures, etc.: 1.- To establish and develop centers or units that disseminate the idea of lifelong learning in people over 50. 2.- To make people in this age group more active and independent by developing non-vocational skills in order to avoid their social exclusion from the problems observed: 1.- In population over 50: 1.1.- They are usually less active mentally and physically. 1.2.- In general, men tend to be less active than women. 1.3.- They suffer the risk of being digitally and socially excluded. 2.- In Universities because of: 2.1.- Not having an offer of non-vocational education for people over 50. 2.2.- Not having training programmes in competencies for the teaching staff that teach people over 50. It is proposed: 1.- To provide more non-vocational educational opportunities for this age group. 2.- To try to make them (especially men) active. 3.- To avoid the risk of social and digital exclusion. 4.- To include non-vocational training in a unit within the universities. The main objective of this Project is to generate a manual of good practices to be able to create, organize and implement academic units for people over 50 within the universities.

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